Holmes is a statistical tool for automatically root causing failures from code coverage data. Holmes is particularly suited for a scenario where the application has a large test suite and the cause of the failing tests needs to be found. Holmes uses statistical analysis of coverage data to identify program features (blocks, arcs or paths (Ball & Larus, 1996)) that strongly correlate with failure. The analysis is designed to detect and eliminate features that just happen to correlate with failure but are not the cause (such as error handling code). The final result of the analysis is a set of bug predictors, features that are likely to be the cause of failures.

Today, at Microsoft PDC 09, Holmes Beta 1.0 was made available to developers and testers. Holmes installs as a Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2 package and comes with a rich set of features including root cause path viewing, integrated instrumentation and also connects with Microsoft Visual Studio Test Elements and Team Foundation Server.

Download and Install Holmes today!!!! Let us know your experiences and feedback.

View the PDC'09 Holmes demo video in the Power Debugging session!!!

- The Holmes Team