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    Theory of Relativity

    A few Weeks ago my roomate Nick and I had a minor disagreement over the fact that I recently purchased Jim Miller's new book (The Common Language Infrastructure Annotated Standard) which I was reading in my spare time. This disagreement gained notoriety through a weblog post he made. Since then an e-mail thread on the subject produced this diagram and the following explanation of it....
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    Social Networks

    Chris Anderson voiced a concern I've had with social networks for some time. The bring more SPAM. Apps like Friendster , tribe.net , Tickle by Emode and Orkut worry me because they tend to increase the amount of friendly spam I get once I join. I still...
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    How long will this last...

    I wonder how long I will keep blogging now that I've started? This blog phenomenon is really interesting but I don't know how much I have to say that hasn't been already said. Unlike one of my roomates I'm not opinionated. I'm also not much of a writer...
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    This is more Like it!

    With a tool like BlogJet I'm more likely to post to my blog when I have something to say...
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