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Hopper training available online!

Hopper training available online!

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Old news for some, but for the newer folks there is over 4 hours of Hopper video training done for the LTK rollout last spring. Topics include general Hopper strategy as well as diagnosing stability problems with debug devices as well as retail, stand-alone devices. There are some valuable suggestions as well as clever hands-on labs that will help you debug and diagnose Hopper problems:

https://usjs.partners.extranet.microsoft.com/us20/mdd/common/dist/Magneto/Training_Event_Archives  (you will need jetstream access)

  • Intereset to acquire knowledge on tools which are compatable with winmobile

  • I went into JetStream but the link above is no longer valid.  If the training video is moved to elsewhere, please update it here.  Thanks a million.

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