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  • Blog Post: Improving the Cat Parade (Part 3)

    I was recently running hopper on a device that supported screen rotation and I realized that my test coverage was completely missing the rotation scenario. The device would switch between portrait and landscape mode if the user took a specific action, but Hopper is automated and limited to standard key...
  • Blog Post: Improving the Cat Parade (Part 2)

    There have been a few blogs that talk about the benefit of focusing hopper runs on individual applications to work out the stability bugs one application at a time. But, there comes a time when testing one by one may not be the best use of resources. Hopper runs are resource intensive (up to 10 devices...
  • Blog Post: Oh… please make it stop!

    I was recently challenged by trying to collect retail device data and needed a way to stop Hopper. I was running on a standalone device and an unexpected error dialog popped up and Hopper dismissed the dialog before I could take a look. The documentation says I can us the /k option to stop Hopper, but...
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