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  • Blog Post: Debugging Suspend/Resume Issues

    The blog "Snow White's Poison Apple" describes how to test the most common suspend/resume hang. Other suspend/resume issues can be debugged over a "Passive KITL" connection. A standard KITL connection (a.k.a. "Active KITL") gets dropped when a device suspends, however, Passive KITL doesn't suffer from...
  • Blog Post: KITL timeouts with USB Serial Part 2

    In the first part we talked briefly about KITL timeouts. In this article we are going to give you a little bit more details and try to explain why it behaves the way it does. How did we run into this issue? It all started with Hopper (apparently Hopper is also good at finding KITL problems...
  • Blog Post: KITL timeouts with USB Serial

    Recently the JDP team investigated a group of KITL timeout failures. Each timeout occurred under similar conditions and seemed to be associated with a single bug. At first we were puzzled as to why we were seeing these failures on different devices with different OS versions. As the investigation progressed...
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