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  • Blog Post: HOWTO: Make a diff/patch with TFS

    Simple enough : Make a shelveset Make a diff I have no idea how to make a diff via the GUI (or if it's even possible), but it's trivial via the command line tf.exe diff /shelveset:TheShelvesetIWantToDiff /format:unified Very handy.
  • Blog Post: Priority vs. Severity

    Why FogBugz only has priority (and why that's a good thing). Joel gets it right. But no surprise, he usually does.
  • Blog Post: TFS Compare/Merge Tools

    TFS for Visual Studio 2008 includes Compare and Merge tools, but I find them terribly poor compared to commonly available offerings. [Personally I'm a fan of WinMerge , but there's plenty more good tools out there.] Enter Rory Primrose to the rescue - how to configure TFS to use WinMerge for compare...
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