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  • Blog Post: More Powershell Fun - AppX Package Dependencies

    After a recent inquiry and a little thought, you can find all the packages registered for the current user with dependencies on framework packages. powershell -c "ForEach ($p in $(Get-AppxPackage)) { ForEach ($n in (Get-AppxPackageManifest $p) { $n + '...
  • Blog Post: Who wrote the original BSOD (and why white-on-blue)?

    An interesting bit of trivia : John Vert , ex-Windows NT kernel guy ex-Windows NT kernel guy Back in 1991 I wrote the original code for Windows NT 3.1 that put the video screen back into text mode and the routines to put text on it (and a truly gnarly bit of code it was!). I used...
  • Blog Post: Announcing Hasher.WF

    Thought I'd drop a note about how I've spent some of my time since acquiring the new PC . Hasher.WF is a Windows application that hashes data from a variety of sources. Multiple algorithms and options, written in C# and .NET Framework 4.5 with Visual Studio 2012 . Full source code available for...
  • Blog Post: New PC!

    Last year one evening the Mrs turned to me and asked, don't I need a new computer? God I love that woman <g> Daddy's computer is usually a desktop, and usually made from parts: I need a box to surf, run Office, do a little development, and game. And usually not (or not primarily) bleeding...
  • Blog Post: WAIK

    WAIK = Windows Automated Installation Kit (what used to be called the unattended setup kit)
  • Blog Post: Windows 8 App Developer Blog

    New blog here . [This is my part of the org :-]
  • Blog Post: Appx Powershell Cmdlets

    This post has been redacted upon request. See App Installation Cmdlets in Windows PowerShell for documentation on the Appx Powershell cmdlets.
  • Blog Post: //Build 2011

    Big day - //Build starts tomorrow. Session information supposed to start showing up soon. Exciting times.
  • Blog Post: Windows ThreadPool APIs

    The ThreadPool APIs are pretty cool, but the docs are confusing at first blush and the sample code is horrible (just one sample, and suffers from kitchen-sink syndrome). But fear not! MSDN lets users comment, so I did :-) Repro'd here for posterity: The sample is rather big and sprawling, making it...
  • Blog Post: The One-Second War

    Why leap seconds exist, their benefits and problems, and the upcoming decision if they should be abolished or kept (or a 3rd option). Personally I'm in the "Kill It" camp. Theoretically they're relevant, but pragmatically they're not, and the only ones who truly care about them have already moved on...
  • Blog Post: Understanding Windows File and Regitry Permissions

    Great article about Windows Server 2008's access control. ACLs, AccessCheck and more security yumminess.
  • Blog Post: exFAT

    exFAT, aka FAT64, is a significant revision of the FAT32 design, for current and future needs (specifically, mobile storage like USB flash keys and the like). Lots of improvements beyond raw storage size, e.g. timestamps with 10ms granularity. The Wikipedia page also has a link to Microsoft's WinHEC...
  • Blog Post: Windows Integrity Levels

    Explains the basis behind UAC (among other things). I've heard of 'integrity levels' but this is the first meat I've seen about them. Plus links to chml and regil, utilities to view and manage integrity levels. Handy.
  • Blog Post: LoadLibrary Explorer

    Handy little spelunker to itneractively exercise LoadLibrary/Ex in all their various permutations. [Update 2009-12-06] LoadLibraryExplorer is a C++ application in source-only form (no precompiled bits), with build bits for Visual Studio 2005. Loading into VS2K8 isn't enough; secure CRT needs to be turned...
  • Blog Post: Memory Usage via Task Manager

    Ever wondered which columns in Task Manager mean "memory in use"? I stumbled over a simple, clear definition (finally): "Memory usage" = working set "Virtual memory" = committed memory First time I ever found a simple definition, and I (like many) have used Task Manager for years. Understanding...
  • Blog Post: I Is A Windows 8 Developer :-D
  • Blog Post: Detect Windows in Ruby

    The proper way , so they say: require 'rbconfig' WINDOZE = Config::CONFIG['host_os'] =~ /mswin|mingw/ Sigh. Makes one yearn for Python. Even 1.5...
  • Blog Post: Cropper

    Screen capture utility . Disclaimer: I've only bfriefly pawed at it, but looks promising.
  • Blog Post: Disk2vhd by SysInternals

    Gotta luv those guys : Just released on TechNet is Disk2vhd , which is designed to create .vhd image files from physical hard drives. Like many other Sysinternals apps, Disk2vhd is tiny, free, and fully portable. It's also available on so you can run it right over the internet...
  • Blog Post: Scott Hanselman's 2009 Tool List

    Excellent round up of utilities, web sites and more for developers and power users. Only thing he missed is TSE :-)
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