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  • Blog Post: connect PowerPivot to an Oracle database

    Not very well documented on how to connect PowerPivot to an Oracle database. You need the Oracle client installed and the TNS names configured. In PowerPivot the server name to connect to the Oracle instance is host:port/service_name . If port number is already in TNS names you should be good. Other...
  • Blog Post: Launch BISM File (.bism) in Excel

    BI semantic model connections from Excel require that you have Excel 2010 and the MSOLAP.5 OLE DB provider installed on your workstation For connections to succeed you must have Excel 2010 and the MSOLAP.5.dll installed on the client computer. You can get the provider by installing the version of...
  • Blog Post: PowerPivot: DAX: Time Intelligence Functions

    Useful list of time calcs for powerpivot and soon to be tabular bi models.
  • Blog Post: Twitter Analytics

    A new cool FREE tool to gain valuable insight into your tweets using PowerPivot. Download it here
  • Blog Post: Fuzzy Lookup Add-in for Microsoft Excel 2010

    New Project from MS Labs. Takes the fuzzy lookup functionality out of SSIS and puts into Excel 2010. Could be useful for cleansing PowerPivot models. More info here . Download here
  • Blog Post: Use PowerPivot To Analyze Your Outlook Calendar

    Calendar Analytics is a FREE time management application that pulls information from Exchange and visualizes that data in a very easy to use Excel PowerPivot dashboard.
  • Blog Post: PowerPivot models as a datasource for Report Builder and PPS

    PowerPivot models, aka xlsx files can be used as datasources for report builder reports, also performance point analytics. The connection string is of type Analysis Services Data Source=http://<servername>/PowerPivot Gallery/<Powerpivot_filename>.xlsx
  • Blog Post: PerformancePoint 2010 and PowerPivot

    All you need to know…. more
  • Blog Post: PowerPivot Training

    Roadmap to Creating PowerPivot Workbooks in Excel: PowerPivot for Excel Tutorial: PowerPivot for Excel Samples: more
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