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  • Blog Post: Reporting Services 2012 and Dashboard Designer

    Alot of confusion on how to integrate the new SharePoint integrated mode of Reporting Services 2012 into your Performance Point Dashboards. If Reporting Services is configured to use Trusted Account authentication in SharePoint Server, then the server name typically takes the form http://servername...
  • Blog Post: PerformancePoint Services SuperFlows

    It's like a help file on steroids. There are 2. IT configuration - how to configure Performance Point Services Dashboard creation - how to create Performance Point content: kpi, scorecards, reports, filters, dashboards, etc...
  • Blog Post: Cascading filters in PPS

    here is a little known PPS feature add for SP1 for SharePoint 2010
  • Blog Post: PerformancePoint 2010 Content Deployment Tool

    It’s a command-line tool that allows you to deploy PerformancePoint content using an existing ddwx file and can be used to migrate content from development to production or between site collections on the same SharePoint server. http://ppscd.codeplex more
  • Blog Post: PerformancePoint 2010 and PowerPivot

    All you need to know…. more
  • Blog Post: New PowerPivot build

    integrates into the Windows Azure Marketplace DataMarket Download here more
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