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All about running HPC and Big Data workload on the Microsoft Windows Azure platform. I have been and will continue to cover a variety of topics on Hadoop, HPC, Migration from / Interops with Unix, Tips and Tricks for running HPC and Big Data.

October, 2008

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About Windows HPC survival guide

I am a new technology evangelist at microsoft.  I created this blog to raise High performance computing awareness as Microsoft's HPC team rolls out version 2 of their HPC Server product.

  • Wenming's Big Data and Big Compute Blog

    We are HPCs @ PDC

    I am at Microsoft PDC this week, demonstrating the Microsoft HPCS Server 2008. Please come by the Parallel computing booth and talk to us. I will be distributing the HPC technical resource kit on a thumb drive at the booth and for everyone that attends...
  • Wenming's Big Data and Big Compute Blog

    HPC Resource Kit

    Yes, it's ready! I have compiled a 70 item kit full of white papers, presentations, videos, and tutorial samples. Took me nearly 3 months to collect, summarize, filter and distill all the materials into THE most comprehensive windows HPC resource kit...
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