December, 2003

  • Herb Sutter's Blog

    How much C++/CLI syntax do you need to use all of the .NET Frameworks?

    The short answer to the question in the title is: In Whidbey, ^ and gcnew are mostly all you're likely to use, if all you're doing with .NET is consuming (using) .NET Frameworks types and services. Post-Whidbey, you could even dispense with those...
  • Herb Sutter's Blog

    Why not limit GC to CLI types?

    Edward Diener made the observation (emphasis is mine): I would much rather the syntax remained as consistent with C++ as possible and the places where CLI diverged from C++ occur because GC types are different than C++ types in that they are...
  • Herb Sutter's Blog

    Why "gcnew" instead of just plain "new"?

    Edward Diener asked: I don't see why you don't use just 'new' rather than 'gcnew' ? The type of T will determine whether the obect is allocated in GC collected memory or the C++ heap. That's one way to design it. Interestingly, the existing...
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