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    Shared Session State in a IIS6 and IIS7 Web Farm

    It is not an uncommon scenario to have a web farm of servers sitting behind a load balancer. In fact that is the only way you can achieve high availability so it is recommended.One issue that arises when this setup is used is when the user session needs...
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    Using Web Farm Framework behind a Proxy

    We have seen quite a few instances where users are setting up a web farm using Web Farm Framework (WFF) behind a proxy. As WFF relies on getting the products from the internet through Web Platform Installer , and provisioning will fail if it can't reach...
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    Configure IIS FTP User Isolation using an IIS Managed User Account

    FTP 7.5 has a feature that allows you to create a managed user account without requiring you to add a domain user. This user can be used as part of FTP access and also allow user isolation among directories. The purpose of this blog is to show you the...
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