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  • Blog Post: Techdays Portugal 2008 - DEV09 - Life at Microsoft - The truth revealed

    For those who attended DEV09 and asked me the video source: Life At Microsoft - The Truth Revealed And for those who didn't understand why the video at the beginning of the session.. well.. it was just a teaser so I could get the audience's attention! :)
  • Blog Post: Unity release postponed

    According to Grigori , the RTM version of Unity has been postponed to April 7, rather than March 15 (Well.. i guess everybody was already noticing that there wasn't any release at March 15, right?) Meanwhile, the last weekly drop is still the March 12 one .
  • Blog Post: EntLib4 and Unity Roadmap

    It's public ! Unity 1.0 RTM : 15th March (Next day to Portuguese Techdays Unity Demo: ) EntLib 4 CTP : 15th March (Application blocks integration with Unity still not provided, but Object Builder 2.0 will be available) EntLib 4 RTM : somewhere in mid-end...
  • Blog Post: Unity Feb CTP is out!!!

    Finally, the so expected EntLib Dependency Injection implementation is out . Dependency Injection is, IMHO, the most important design pattern on extensible software design. But unfortunately, Enterprise Library previously lacked the support of a lightweight Dependency Container, even if Object Builder...
  • Blog Post: TechDays 2007 - ARC204 - TSLOI (2/3), by Beat Schwegler

    Today, there are a lot of simultaneous sessions that I wanted to see. Unfortunately, that made me select only one of the 3 tracks Beat was rolling this year. Beat talked about the power of Business Catalog Data (BCD) and it's integration with LOB data. I must say this really rocks, even if the tools...
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