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Dynamic Languages on .NET - IronPython and Beyond

May, 2007

  • Jim Hugunin's Thinking Dynamic

    DLR Trees (Part 1)

    I'd like to take a detour from discussing the DLR's type system to start talking about implementation. I hope that this will make it easier to talk about some difficult questions like what is the right meta-model for the DLR type system. Let's start by...
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    The One True Object (Part 2)

    The core of the DLR's type system is based on passing messages to objects. This isn't exactly a new idea, but focuses on what has always been the intellectual core of object-oriented systems. This simple notion doesn't explicitly talk about types at all...
  • Jim Hugunin's Thinking Dynamic

    The One True Object (Part 1)

    I'm very excited by the level of interest that I'm seeing from folks who want to better understand what the DLR is all about. I'm also sorry that we don't have a fully documented detailed story for you today. If you want a detailed whitepaper and documented...
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    First DLR talk video from MIX

    First, my apologies for not posting my first entry on the type system yesterday. I was completely wiped out after preparing and delivering this talk and then talking to all the interested people here at MIX. For those of you who aren't at MIX, you can...
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