Hey everyone, I'm Huong and i've been an SDET at Microsoft for about 2 /12 years now. I have some more info about myself at my personal blog over at huongn.spaces.live.com, so i'll just get to the meat of what this blog is about. The purpose of this blog is twofold:

1) Provide a place to document things i'm doing to get better as an SDET.

2) Serve as sort of a test bench for things that i'm working on at work.

So if you're interested in these things, welcome! And if not, welcome! :) Maybe you'll see something worth sticking around for. :)

I currently am working on the Social Bookmarking portion of the MSDN site, and in our next release we'll be rolling out some sweet new features. I'm not sure if I can name anything yet, but right now i'll be testing the MSDN/Technet widget that we hope people will stick on their blogs: