I have no idea what I'm doing - Aka a non-Developer builds an app

I started with Microsoft as a TAM, now I'm working in Windows Azure. This is my place to blog about my journey from having no Developer experience, to ideally publishing an app for Windows Phone.

What’s this all about then?

What’s this all about then?

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It's come to that point in my career with Microsoft where I need to get nerdier. So I'm going to build an app. I was inspired by Chad's recent post to do this, so thanks mate!

I come from an infrastructure support background, both prior to joining Microsoft and then whilst working as a Technical Account Manager in both Australian and the US. I've never had a need to perform any development work outside of the occasional batch file. I've now found myself working with the Windows Azure group as part of the Customer Communications Team for service outages, and being surrounded by highly technical developers and Program Managers all day means it's time to figure out what this Dev stuff is all about.

So, what am I doing? I've toyed with the idea of building a Windows Phone app for a while but never knew where to start, so I'm starting with a blog. This will be my place for posting regular updates of how I am approaching building an app from start to publish. I'm sure I'll do some things wrong but hopefully others will find the tools and techniques that I stumble across a good starting point for building your own application. If all else fails this blog will be a good way to keep me honest and on track in my journey to publishing a useful app. Whilst I do work for Microsoft, I'm approaching this with no particular skills or experience, so will be having fun figuring out what tools are available to the novice app builder.

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  • I think this is an excellent idea!  You can leverage what you already know (eg, Azure) and be able to learn things that are minty fresh (WP8, mobile dev).  =)

  • Thanks Dalt. I think I've just migrated from 'extremely confused' to 'slightly confused' :)

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