Focusing in on what's important

I've been spending a lot of time thinking about the app, and all the wonderful and amazing things it could do. I have a whole list of features I'd like to implement but this will take some time.

To help focus my efforts and avoid scope creep I wanted to write down exactly what the purpose of my app is. This will be something I'll refer back to regularly to ensure I'm not straying. There is a trend towards single purpose apps, and that's what I want to build. Focus on my core function and do it well. So, what is the apps goal?

Help my customers form a habit.

All functionality I'll be building will be with that in mind.

How much is enough? Figuring out what my app will do, and how often to release.

The more I think about this app, the more features I want to add to it. To help organize all these thoughts, and to make sure I actually ship a product, I've started making a list in my OneNote.

I'm going to split up everything into Waves. These will be manageable chunks of features that I think I can get out in a reasonably quick timeframe. I'm also trying to sort this into groups of increasingly difficult features, so hopefully my skills and knowledge will increase along with the complexity of the app.

This also means I can get my app out sooner and then iterate often. I'm also hoping that this means I spend less time stressing about a certain feature, to then find out my customers don't like it.

One thing I need to be mindful of, is that I don't throw out a completely useless app and get buried in negative reviews. With that in mind I have established what I want from Wave 1:

What will the app look like?

I'm starting to get a feel for how my app is going to work, but I also need to think about what it will look like. Over to OneNote and my stylus. Clearly I'm not an artist…

I want to take advantage of both portrait and landscape modes, but also don't want to get too cluttered. I think the interface will be dictated to a certain extent by my skills with the development tools so I'm not spending too much time here right now.