I have no idea what I'm doing - Aka a non-Developer builds an app

I started with Microsoft as a TAM, now I'm working in Windows Azure. This is my place to blog about my journey from having no Developer experience, to ideally publishing an app for Windows Phone.

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  • Blog Post: Planning

    Priority 1 – Coffee Project Management After reading through the links in my previous post I'm feeling a bit more confident. At this point, I'm going to put up a list of tasks on my whiteboard to help me visualise where I'm going and make sure I have all the tools and resources I need...
  • Blog Post: Starting Out – Ideas and Resources

    I'm going to focus on trying to do this for as little upfront cost as possible, and given where I work, will be looking at Microsoft tools. The Idea Once I'd decided I should build an app, the first question was; what am I actually going to build? I could start by putting together a simple trial...
  • Blog Post: What’s this all about then?

    It's come to that point in my career with Microsoft where I need to get nerdier. So I'm going to build an app. I was inspired by Chad's recent post to do this, so thanks mate! I come from an infrastructure support background, both prior to joining Microsoft and then whilst working as a Technical Account...
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