Up front, I gotta say Death Cab for Cutie's was Transatlanticism one of my favorite cds of the last year. I had it on my ipod snowboarding last winter & it will for a long wile be one of my favorite powder day cd - it's odd how a slower cd works so well for a sport that you would assume is only good for fast fast noisy stuff.

Over the years i think i've seen Death Cab 5 or 6 times.  I first saw them at the a couple of clubs in town - on memorable one was at the croc & another at the showbox.  They played the Bumbershoot festival in September & it included the weirdest thing i've seen at one of their shows - a mosh pit.  It was mopey mosh pit for recovering goths, but a mosh pit all the same.  They were ok at that show, but i think the big stage & space was a little hard for them to handle.  the music did translate surprisingly well though.

Anyway, the paramount show was a mix of old & new DCFC stuff, they started with a slow song & it can be hard for a band to get over that, but they did really well building a show out of that.  The set list was a load of Transactlanticisim & stuff from earlier cds. it must be a weird set of experiences for those guys coming back to town & doing the stadium & the paramount in a 3 month period.  On cool thing was the encore where Eddie Vedder came on & did a song - again a big deal for a seattle band who worked up from the clubs. Excluding the weirdness of the bumbershoot show, every DCFC show i go to gets better - thise one was better than the previous by a long way.

For their merch, they did American apparel tshirts - i got one - good stuff using the non sweatshop shirts.   


p.s. one other bit of weirdness - the lead singer of death cab - ben -for was using my old amplifier (a matchless chieftain) he got it from emerald city guitars, who i sold it through.