A friend of mine, who shall remain nameless, (to keep him anonymous lets just refer to him as Christian Kline of Seattle, WA) has a really cool photo blog http://www.scrapofpaper.com/blog/impermanence.html he will hate me for pointing people at his site because he doesn't like people.  That's ok tho, people don't like him.

i think these are really cool ways of doing the blogging thing - for photo orientated people like Christian, it means you are forced to do stuff like a new photo every day.  Some other photo blogs I like:

i really like this guys way of doing stuff http://www.tenyearsofmylife.com

this guy is a little hit or miss (love the nov 30 shot) http://wvs.topleftpixel.com/

love this guys nyc stuff http://www.quarlo.com/

i wonder if a music blog - kinda like the old They Might Be Giants song of the day could work (they had a phone number you could call & hear a new song every day - it was in america & i was in australia, so i only ever called it twice.  when i was at my girlfriend at the times parents house...).  

Of course I am slow & have no time so I would be lucky to do a song a month.  I hate new years resolutions, but I am going to investigate on how to do something like that.  for my own stuff.  I think I’ll find somewhere to do it – not sure if this site is appropriate...


p.s. for those who asked there is a reason I can spell insouciant & not competent (hmmm maybe I should have that as my blog byline)