I suppose I should be called lame-o for my lack of updating this thing.  I did a video on channel9.msdn a couple of weeks ago – you can find it here. http://channel9.msdn.com/Showpost.aspx?postid=106759 . 


Other stuff?  I did tech.ed New Zealand & Australia keynotes a couple of weeks ago – that was super fun 7 I got to catch up with a bunch of great people.  “The King”, Frank Arrigo – the person who is blogs more than anyone i know - including the infamous mr scoble - here is a link to one of franks blogs (he has more than i keep track of http://blogs.msdn.com/frankarr/. Jeff Alexander was the man who was the other side of the deal down there for me - he was awesome here is his blog http://blogs.technet.com/jeffa36/default.aspx


Last week we had the MVP summit here in redmond - i did some stuff with those folks.  its always great hanging around with the windows server mvps.  props out!


I am writing a post on the model we're doing around r2 & how we think it is the right thing to be both agile & to be serviced. this is now the model how we are doign stuff in Windows Server - the other day Dave Treadwell told me he wants to do that in other places.  thats cool.


it'll be waaaaaaaay sonner than 5 months.  i promise.