i gots to give my props out to my homie charlie - http://kindel.com/blogs/charlie/archive/2007/01/07/3602.aspx - home server is cool (ok, that may sound good if you have the correct accent but with my aussie 14 years int eh states accent, it's just wrong.  i apologise to the world).. 

As for home server, i have run a pre beta or 2 - check it out. i just love their proto on charlies blog (give us more, charlie, or i will tell the world that your childhood nickname was tigger). I love their site http://www.stopdigitalamnesia.com/ but i wonder whats up with the dudes eyebrows.

he's had fun working on products. here's hoping i can again, too!


p.s. i have been working on a very blog unfriendly project. so i get to say nothing about really work for me.  at least. my first post for 9 months, geez. In my lapsed catholic-ness, I will have to pray to the patron saint of bloggers - i think tha'ts saint scoble, but it's been a while. 

p.p.s. i listened to wilco's summerteeth while writing this - you may want to as well.