This afternoon we signed off Longhorn server Beta 3.  i did a channel9 (  video on the sign off which should be out really soon.  its a great release & i have to give props out to all involved in making this.  thanks!

I think a number of people will be surprised that we shipped it

check it out - 

 Also, I did a video - I am sure it is going to be shown loads of places. the flying in a biplane was interesting - here are some links:

·         Yahoo Video:

·         YouTube:

·         EyesSpot:

·         Motionbox:

·         MetaCafe:

·         AOL Video:

 Dave Lowe stopped me posting earlier because he has a big ol' post he is putting up on the win server blog -


p.s. i removed the direct links because you want to go to the because that will give you a product id...