Today Bill Gates announced the real name for Longhorn Server – Windows Server 2008.  I suppose people are going to call us boring for keeping the naming convention from previous releases. It’s a server, what da ya expect? We did a naminig video while we were doing the other one - check it out.


I am writing this during Billg’s keynote (yes, I am bad) they showed a video of some of the new mobile Vista PC’s & they had a bunch on the stage. I want one of the new ACER/BMW laptop – it was cool.  For those who were there – what was the story with the proto machine? The rest of the machines looked really good – that one looked like it was made of cardboard.


The first demo was of Windows Rally (I admit this is the first time I heard that name) – create a network & add stuff. Having reset my net a couple of weeks ago this was amazingly simple - not the experience i had. I want a wifi enabled camera – in fact my ebay crazy wife is going to demand on when she sees it. So much for the camera we bought 3 months ago.  The guys who did the demo were really good – at little too good, me thinks – At times I was wondering if I had landed in the Home Shopping Channel. However, the Media Center extender setup of streaming media was so simple & easy I think I am getting one.


Bill gave props out to the Home Server  - that was awesome.  Congratulations to Charlie Kindel – he was the first guy on the Home Server bus.  Having put a beta in place in my home I can say that this is a great tool for making my home network run great.  Way to go, Tig!


Last demo was of this little thing called Windows Server.  Ian Hameroff did a great job showing off Network Protection Services, Sharepoint & Rights Management.  The cool thing is when the roles work together to make great new scenarios  The best part of the demo for customers is showing the policy enforcement of a USB device. Having seen companies who stick epoxy in the USB ports of their machines knowing they can enforce policy.


I do have to say that the Longhorn name going away is a little sad to me – it’s the end of the naming that I started the week after we shipped Windows 2000 in December 1999.  At the time we had the Neptune & Odyssey projects that had to become one. Brian Valentine told me to take a week off & come back with a new project name.  I went to Whistler with some friends (hey dave, hey rob!) & it was when I was learning to jump on my snowboard – also before I used a helmet which is dumb.  I was in the terrain park on whistler – I lined up a jump & had a thought on the way onto the jump. “What will we call the next release” has nothing to do with that & thinking often is not the best idea when going for a jump. I blew the jump bad & landed on my head. This is not an experience to have - wear your helmets, kids. Lying on the ground for 10 minutes made me realize next release would be called Whistler. At least I stopped thinking… (now is the time where Jack Mayo will say i stopped thinking until 2005). 


The idea that Blackcomb wasn’t much further but it’s much better kinda fell by the wayside & grew soon afterwards.  Joe Belfiore decided to create a little release in the middle & named it after the bar between the mountains – Longhorn. so much for the cool names.


After Bill, Craig Mundie did a keynote, but I had to bail to meet up with some folks.


P.S. I saw the room I am talking - its kinda on the large side...