One of the aussies sent me this 

In the article it is said that Vista would be the last 32 bit release. That comment was regarding Server. We in server don't speak for client &, as far as i know, no one in the client world has even considered this. On the server side, this is kinda moot because you can't even buy an x86 server today.

Our boss Bob Muglia announced in November last year at IT Forum in Barcelona that the release after Longhorn would be 64 bit only. 

The funny thing is even though we will have 64 bit only versions, we have the WOW layer (windows on windows) which means all the 64 bit versions have a full copy of the 32bit version of windows (except drivers, of course).  I think somewhere on the line we should make the 32 bit stuff just installable rather than everywhere. - it'd be a nice optimization

I'm back from WinHEC - my session was ok - for me i thought it was not as good as i would have liked.  But i had a good night last night having dinner & drinks with a bunch of folks.  It was the first time i spent time with Mark Russinovich - super smart guy who gave a great talk yesterday at WinHEC. Plus, we got to hang out at the roof bar at the Standard Hotel in Downtown LA - its a fun spot & it was great to sit outside.