Last week at WinHEC I mused that Powershell could one day be the default command shell for Windows Server & maybe be the only shell for Server Core.  Betanews picked up that although everyone who has seen the article have doubted i wouldn't say "i would like to do that" - maybe i would say "oath" or "&$*# yeah" or something...

In his blog Jeffrey Snover got what I meant - we woudln't pull cmd.exe - just the one that would start up with be ps. You could spawn cmd from the or change a reg key to start cmd by default.  The stuff that gets interesting for me is whether the .net frame work would always be in memory or if it would only come in when a relevant command was invoked. The other thing there would be (in the vein of the least number of services/things in memory) could we set a timer to dump the dependencies that have been called after we use them? 

I read  Powershell in Action by Bruce Payette (the second is the amazon link - it was cheaper there) on the plane this week.  I am now cemented in my opinion of 2 things:

  1. they have done something very hard with powershell - make something hard quite easy. It surprised me how much it likes getting out of the way. 
  2. Is the thing Jeffrey loved from the article - that is to say i wonder if it wil be a big inflection point for Server Administration. I had a long-ish chat with Paul Thurrott about this on tuesday at the Dodgers game. He thinks the uptake will be slower than I do.

Check out the Script Center site - it is a community site based around sharing scripts.


p.s. I was listening to El Kilo by Orishas - it is such a great cd - love those guys even thoguh i have no comprehension of spanish. If you haven't heard of them - Cuban rap group based in France.  The do an awesome mix of hip hop & cuban music - or as someone called them salsa-hop - i i don't think that is a good marketing term (i would be all over hip-sa or dsomething).  Probably the most musical rap group i have heard.  Check out the song Distinto.