I kinda hate the session description. it looks like a way of sending people to sleep.  I asked for it to be changed to this:

Are you waiting for ways to hack the next Microsoft Server? The guy who runs the project is going to talk about the methods we've gone to lead hackers to a futile & fundamentally aggravating experience.

We'll talk about our base belief that nothing should be turn on, exposed or open.  When you do open an interface, new techniques are there to protect from exposing the thing that were not meant to be exposed.  Fun, eh!

I also put my special Blackhat bio up there:

Iain McDonald has infected the world with more insecure software than everyone else at Blackhat, combined.  He has been at Microsoft for 16 years, starting in his native Australia & has bounced around avoiding work wherever possible.  He was Project Manager for Windows 2000, Project Director for Windows XP & Server 2003.  Atonement for previous sins has been somewhat provided by his participation in the original SDL stuff in Windows Server 2003. He now owns vision, planning, & delivery of future releases of Windows Server. He spent his 20s as a good for nothing professional musician after dropping out of the University of New South Wales. He never worked on Windows Millenium. Lost got lame after Season 2, wants a Fender controller for Guitar Hero 2 & often inflicts massive damage in Halo 3.  Hendricks Gin & Tonic with a slice of cucumber – just wave the tonic nearby, thanks.