There will be a bunch of news & posts around this today.  We came in super early & the finals sign offs for the release off this morning.  Steve Ballmer gave a talk to the financial communities

Today is a fun day for us - not one that comes along every day. 

 For me, I've done a load of releases but this is one of the few I've done where I wrote the original 'vision' document & actually follwed all the way through to release. 

Congratulations specifically to my guys, Alex Hinrichs, Tom Hazel, Ken Hiatt, Brian McNeill, Klaas Langhout, & loads of others. 

Finally, congrats to the folks who have been also working on Vista SP1. Sidd Lathia, John Gray & Nishitha Sannala secifically.

Onto our ship parties & launch 

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