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About Ian Halliday, C# Compiler Engineer

A blog about C# happenings, C++ musings, and random programmer topics.

  • Ian Halliday, C# Compiler Engineer

    What’s wrong with this Code?

    Ah C++, OOP down to the metal. Native. I love it. I work on the C# compiler, and I do like C#, but I love C++. Incidentally the C# compiler is written in C++ and not C#, which shouldn’t be too surprising as there was no C# compiler when Microsoft first...
  • Ian Halliday, C# Compiler Engineer

    Hello, World!

    Obligatory introduction blog post. My name is Ian Halliday. My full name is Ian William James Halliday. I like that I have two middle names. People who know me well know that I like having two middle names. If only I was knighted or obtained a doctorate...
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