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  • Heard VS 2005 wont ship til later in the year. when?
  • Ohhhh, now this is sweet. Thanks for blogging this. I play guitar as well, used to play in a bar band in the late 80's.

    I still play and enjoy it, I am still with and old early 80's American Made Kramer and an Early 80's American Made BC Rich and a Early 80's Les Paul. I still have my good old Marshall Tube Half Stack. Now I have seen a lot of amps over the years really go full digital all while searching for the old Tube sound. While I am excited to see digital actually bleed to the instrument itself. I wonder eventually in the future will people be looking to get the old EMG hard wood sound in a digital age. But still this is exciting. Now if I can start programming my guitar in .net ;-)
  • Yeah, digital really is catching up in some crazy ways. I'm using a home-build super strat through a Vox Valvetronix amp, and I'm a huge fan of the Vox. It uses a tube in the preamp of a modeling amp, and it really warms the sound up.
  • what's with the captial L?
  • Hmmmm, well I saw blog spelled bLog on my boss's blog. And personally, I like the spelling a little better since puts a little more emphasis on the "log" part of it. Plus it adds some visual interest.
  • They use film for Channel 9? Isn't that expensive to develop?
  • Wow, preping for something the day of... I would have thought you'd have it all done weeks ago so there'd be more time for games =]

    Congrats on your 15mins of fame, I can't wait to see the show!
  • Hmmm, I guess my use of the term "film" is a bit of an anachronism. Kind of like artists still releasing "albums" even though they are CD and not vinyl. Yeah, it's all digital these days.
  • If you like the SSA's official site, check out this extremely slick (java applet) display of the same data. It may be one of the best dynamic display of this kind that I've ever seen:


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