MovieMaker +=

For those of you who are fans of Vimeo (I certainly am), you’ll be delighted to know that the Movie Maker team has announced that Vimeo has been added as a publishing destination for your movies.


More info:  Introducing the New Windows Photo Gallery and Movie Maker


For those of you who are not yet fans, what are you waiting for?  Vimeo is where you can channel your inner Scorsese and publish your next Taxi Driver.  Works awesome for establishing rights to your home movies as well.  Super easy to share little Jimmy’s first steps with the grandparents without sharing it with the world.


In addition to that awesomeness, the update to Movie Maker also includes an Anti-shake feature that will attempt to remove the shakes from your flicks.  Wonder how that will work with those Rolling Thunder shots I did with my hero cam?



What are you waiting for?  Go get it today!