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    It's closed

    Further to my earlier post , the Customer Preview Program for Windows Vista beta 2 is now closed. If you received your product key before the closure, see http://www.microsoft.com/windowsvista/getready/preview.mspx for details of how to complete your...
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    Get Vista beta 2 before we stop downloads/orders

    Update: The program will close on Friday June 30th 2006 In case you weren't aware, we are only providing a limited number of copies of Windows Vista Beta 2 - either download or physical copies - and we're fast approaching the cut-off point. What...
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    Write a bot and win big

    See www.britbot.co.uk Although an increasing number of developers have come across the concept of an MSN "bot" (robot), I still find that many people aren't aware of them. So for the uninitiated, a bot is an application that is exposed via MSN Messenger...
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