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The competition

The competition

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You may have to refresh your browser to see it, but to save you the bother the link is here: http://www.microsoft.com/uk/launch2007/dev/competition.mspx

It's also on the left-hand nav

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  • None of those customers appeared!

  • I'm a bit disappointed. I thought we were going to see some developer friendly questions for the competition but instead it was just memory work for company names and I could only remember one name from the list of availables (although most names look like almost-but-not-quite big name companies so that may have helped with my guess ...here's hoping).

    That said, the presentations were very interesting so it wasn't a complete loss :)



  • Wow - I have never hit the refresh button so many times - I reckon the link appeared at 5:37 .......  and then I made answer box at 5:40 .... now I notice that there are 2 questions !!

    whatever the answers I believe I should receive the prize for sheer effort !

    great fun - success to all - many thanks..

  • again, since i cant watch the videos i'm a bit screwed. I just guessed, so i have a 1/5 chance i suppose.

  • Cool thanks, took part in the competition. Any idea when results will be announced?

  • Its a good set of questions...

  • I watched all the online video feeds today and then eagerly waited on the web site home page. 5.30 arrived and i then started to refresh the screen to update the home page . the is were details of the competition will be posted it said. after 30 mins or so i started looking on Google and found a link to the competition here and entered via the Microsoft site at about 6.10pm. what happened to the update on the home page. Even the FAQ pointed you to this!!!. why did i have to search Google for a random link to the competition.

    If Microsoft struggle to get this right what hope is there for Vista and Office 2007

  • Thanks! Got it, but you know what would be really helpful: the text 'Remember that from 5.30 p.m. today we are making available 1,000 copies of Windows Vista and the 2007 Microsoft Office system' on the main page or some part thereof should be hyperlinked to the competition page.

    Everyone, I'm sure is mainly concentrating on that part of the page.


    p.s. I answered the questions :) hope i got them right.

    How soon will we actually get to know if we had right answers?

  • The competition on line is impossible to enter as it requires an entry in County but the drop-down box is empty and no manual entry is possible.

  • Thanks Ian, what's the timescale on winning emails?


  • When will the winners recieve e-mails?

  • Hi all, I can't give you a definitive answer on when you'll receive the email if you're a winner but we'll obviously make it as quick as possible so you aren't hanging around not knowing what's going on.

    We do need to wait until we have 1000 correct answers of course for each question, not sure at what point that will happen but the whistle blows at that point and the process kicks off

  • Blah!

    I watched 3 whole videos (3 hours), which had two guests (London Underground and Conchango) but non from the questions! So you had to guess which videos to watch? or watch them all (8 hours?) Plus the competition took half an hour to appear. What a complete waste of time and an utter shambles.

    Very disapointed. I'll stick to XP and Office 2003...

  • If your in a freenzy to enter the competition, like I was, here is a clue. Look 3/4's of the way into the video's.

    Good luck everyone

    *has fingers, toes, legs and eyes crossed*

  • @Thomastwice:

    You need to select a country first from the country drop down list, then the page reloads with the county drop down list populated.  

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