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Have we reached 1000 winners yet? (UK developer launch)

Have we reached 1000 winners yet? (UK developer launch)

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I have just received the first set of data re the number of winners in the launch competition. The answer may surprise you:

We've had many (many!) thousands of entries, and I can confirm that we're past the 1000 mark for Windows Vista winners. However for Microsoft Office we have not quite reached the thousand yet - we're close, but not quite there.

So if you're interested in a copy Office Professional 2007 now's a good time to get your competition entry in! Here's the link: http://www.microsoft.com/uk/launch2007/dev/competition.mspx

UPDATE: It has been pointed out to me that the Office winner position is correct as of about 24 hours ago when the data extract was performed. It's possible that since that time we've had sufficient winners to push it over the limit. Apologies for not making that clear straight away.  I've requested another data pull so we can keep updated on the situation

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  • Hi Ian,

    Thanks a lot for this chance to win Vista and Office and for regular updates on this blog. Do you have any info on when will we know if we are winners or not? Do we have to wait until Feb, 19?



  • Sweet :) Any idea on when the relevant emails are going to be sent out?

  • I'm told that we need to wait until we have all of the winners for both products, and even then it will take a while for the emails to be processed. As usual I'll keep you folks updated as regularly as I can on how this is going, I know that people are keen to find out if they're a winner or not.

    So I'll keep pushing. Of course, the competition doesn't close until Feb 19th but I'd very much like for us to send the emails before then if we have a full set of winners.

  • So now that you have the 1000 lucky Vista winners! could you please tell us what was the answer for the Vista Question?

    :) I answer Expedia... hope is right... fingers cross.


  • So is it certain that going back and changing, e.g. from just answering the Windows Vista question to answering both, won't change the timestamp on the entry (and therefore make the Vista entry useless since you've already passed the 1000 entries mark)?

  • Did they mention when the 1000 mark was passed for Vista?

  • Am I right in assuming that if you attended the event at TVP on the 19th/20th you can't enter the online competition?

  • Cool. I don't suppose there are any stats on when you got the last 1000th correct submission for Vista?

    lol, I'm such a geek. I want my Vista! ;)

  • I'd be interested in answering the Office question, but as Chris mentioned above, I don't want to invalidate my Vista entry by doing so.

  • You can enter both competitions, either at the same time by choosing the "both" option, or by doing so individually at different times.

  • Thanks for the update Ian.

    Would be nice to know a rough idea when the 1000th correct Vista answer came in.

    Fingers crossed!! I entered about 4mins after the competition opened. :S

  • Does no one find it strange how these comments were added before the blog entry?

  • Thanks Ian.

    I've just sent my entry for Office.

    Once again, thanks for a great launch, just wish I could have been there in person.

  • Chris - my understanding (and this is unofficial) is that we hit 1000 correct answers for the Windows Vista competition within one hour of the competition opening. Of course, the Windows Vista competition only required one answer so it was slightly easier.

    Jim - it's some kind of timezone voodoo stuff, I wouldn't read too much into it. I agree it looks weird though.

  • I'm putting my faith in you Ian ;) I had already entered the competition, just answering the Vista question.  I have now answered the Office question.  I am keeping my fingers crossed that they are both valid.  I know you just quoted that two separate entries were OK, but I'm and old cynic LOL.  I bet you cannot wait for all of this to be over and get back to normality ;)

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