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Shipping of Windows Vista / Microsoft Office prizes to competition winners (UK developer launch)

Shipping of Windows Vista / Microsoft Office prizes to competition winners (UK developer launch)

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I have received an update on the shipping date, we're likely to start shipping during week commencing 12 March. This also applies to the copies for people who attended the physical launch event.

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  • Any update on when the emails will be sent out?

    I presume that this will now be next week.

    Thanks for the update.

  • Yes it will be next week. At least, that's the latest info I have.

  • Ian, in the other topic I asked if accidentally entering twice will invalidate my entry. You haven't answered yet. So will it or not?

    If it does: I'll be upset

    If it doesn't: oh my lord i really hope i win.

  • Yeah sorry but I'm not permitted to comment, I'll try to get an answer but it will probably take us past the time that we'll actually be sending the emails.

    So in short I can't answer unfortunately.

  • IanM : there was an earlier mention that people would need to be quick responding the email notification (or it expired after 7 days).

    Will this be the case?

  • Ian,

    I’m sure people appreciate this indication of when the competition prizes are likely to start shipping. I’m also sure that many people will have a blind spot for the words “likely”, “start shipping” and “during week commencing”. They’ll only see one part of that sentence and that’s the date of 12 March.

    Many people will take it that their competition prize will be shipped on 12 March. Your comment inbox will be overflowing if the prizes don’t arrive immediately after that. Given that the competition T&Cs set an end date on the shipping process at 60 days after the competition ends, I think it would have been better to state:

    “I’ve been told that we’ll be shipping the competition prizes sometime between 12 March and 20 April.”

    That would have set the expectation that no shipping will take place before 12 March, which is really all you want to do, for the sake of your comment inbox.

  • Ahhhhh man !, I want it now (stamps feet!)

  • I’ve looked at that sentence in the blog posting again. The lexical emphasis on the 12 March date is even more pronounced by the increase in font size before the date, which visually increases the emphasis on the date.

  • For the people who have entered more than once, I'd keep quiet about it, and hope its missed, as it is in the ruels and we were told that checks would be made !

    Although I'm not having a go at anyone, as it appears quite a few have accidentaly entered more than once, it is unfair for the people who entered once, especially for the Vista side as it was full one hour after opening !

    I say this not out of malice but I was at the phisical event in Reading, and we only get a choice of Vista or Office, not both. While people who were at home get a copy of Vista & Office, seems a bit unfair as we had to shell out to get there and for hotels......so come on guy's stop keep going on about it.

  • Another MONTH?  Killer :(

    At this rate I might even get my "Express Upgrade" copy first!  (Yeah, right...)

    Still, guess I can't complain for a freebie.  It would be so nice if I could just download it and have the key e-mailed though.  

  • Hi ian,

    Is there any chance that the emails will go out over the weekend?



  • Ooops, sorry I forgot my previous question was answered above... sorry ian :D

  • The reason the font is a different size from the words "12 March" onwards is pretty prosaic: I cut and paste from an email I received. In an ideal world (the kind of world I dream about sometimes) I would have noticed that and fixed it. But don't read too much into it.

    As for the language used like "should", "week commencing" etc it's just my cautious nature coming out. Although these are the dates I've been given I'm a sceptic at heart and know that there are multiple opportunities for things to change.

    So the bottom line is that I need to balance being as open as possible with you guys against misleading you unwittingly when things happen that are beyond my control. I may sometimes get that balance wrong, and hopefully I won't get too badly trashed on those (hopefully rare) occasions. Sounds like I'm back in that dream world again...

  • Ian,

    Just to clarify; I’m not being critical over the accuracy of your wording. I’m being sceptical about how accurately some of your readership will interpret the shipping date sentence.

    As I said, they’ll just see the shipping date of 12 March and they’ll bombard your comment inbox, if they haven’t received their prize by the next day’s post.

  • I hear what you're saying and you're probably right. I know from bitter experience that few people read things closely.

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