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Emails have been sent to winners (UK Developer Launch)

Emails have been sent to winners (UK Developer Launch)

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I'm very pleased to announce that we have now sent the emails to the winners of the UK developer online launch competition, 1000 Windows Vista and 1000 Microsoft Office.

Please make sure you check your junk mail box too just in case! The subject line will read "Yes, you have won a copy of xxx" where "xxx" is either "Microsoft Office 2007 Professional" or "Windows Vista" (it's the Ultimate edition).

And for clarity, we're only sending emails to the winners, not to everybody who took part.

If you receive an email, well done! And we'll be shipping the product as soon as we can.

If you haven't received an email give it a little while, it may be on its way. But if it doesn't arrive within, say, 48 hours it probably means you have not won a copy.

It's been great fun (well, at times) and we're all glad that so many people are going to get the products. Thanks again to all readers of this blog for your patience, feedback and interest.

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  • Got it - Got it - *jumps up and down* whahahahha Thanks!. Cheers Ian for your feedback!

  • Got mine.  Many thanks - good luck everyone.

    Ian: Thanks for keeping us all informed.  Bet it was a nightmare - but it's very much appreciated!

  • WOOHOO! One of those emails is now gracing my inbox! Thanks for keeping us up to date Ian.

  • Got mine!!!

    Again Ian and the team thanks, it's refreshing to have been kept in the loop (and win). ;P

    Now... Time to do some development!

    Thanks again,


  • The correct answers, if you're interested are:

    Windows Vista: Experian

    Microsoft Office: K2 and Meridio

    But you all knew that!

  • Gottcha...gr8 feeling. Cheers Ian.

    BTW, can I change my shipping address?

  • Yay got mine :)

    Thanks Ian for keeping us all up to date. If only other companies would follow suit!

  • Uttam - please send me an email and I'll make sure it gets updated

  • I won office and Vista :D Back to normal(ish) life now Ian, I bet your pleased about that ?  Thank you for such a great launch event, I really enjoyed the presentations. I bet they will start hassling you for the signed stuff now lol.

  • Humn. I entered both, and got both correct answers, but only got a vista email =[

  • oliver - give it a bit of time, they are sent separately, it may still be on the way

  • thanks for all the updates Ian =)

    can I just check, are there separate emails for vista & office or would they both be confirmed in the same email?

    thanks again!

  • I got my e-mail as well. Thanks for the updates Ian. I'm glad Microsoft are taking this approach and involving the UK a little more.

    I got those answers! Woot. I can't keep this smile off my face. If I hadn't of one a copy, I wouldn't actually have bought it, I'll tell you.

    Yeah, shipping address. Mines got my street name, number and post code so it should be okay.

  • Great prize guys. Ive been beta testing Office 2007 for months so im really pleased to have won. Thank you MS!

  • Is it possible to see a list of the winners?

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