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A few pieces of news (UK Developer Launch)

A few pieces of news (UK Developer Launch)

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I thought I'd start a new post to save people trying to find comments on the last one, as there are a couple of pieces of news for people waiting to hear more about the software giveaway for the UK developer launch:

  1. I have had confirmation that the copies of the software will be arriving by Friday 16th (ie within the "week commencing 12 March" window) and we'll ship them as soon as possible after that date
  2. The terms and conditions for the competition have been posted back up at http://www.microsoft.com/uk/launch2007/dev/officetoc.mspx. Note that this page has two sets of terms and conditions, one for Windows Vista and one for Microsoft Office.
  3. It looks like we will be able to post a list of winners. I don't have a date for when this will appear but we'll make it as soon as we can.


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  • Thanks for the update.

    I don't suppose some of the mob will be happy that their free software looks like it might, possibly, perhaps be a week late.  I think that they sometimes forget that the prize is a gift and it's rude to complain about those.

    I, personally hope that the list of winners is produced as I am one of those who may have won, but don't know as I opted out of receiveing emails.


  • Of course we actually have 60 days from Feb 19th to deliver the prizes as per the T&Cs. So we're not actually late, we're very early :-)

  • I would entirely agree!  And that's 60 days for you to post them, not for the winners to receive them.  I just don't know that the ususal suspects will see it that way ;-)  So you could post them on Friday 20th April and still be "Legal".

    Right, toys out of pram time.

    "Me wantee Vista/Office* NOW!!!"

    *Delete as applicable (or not if you entered both competitions).


  • I just hope this list comes out before  the end of next week otherwise it would be pretty redundant.

  • That's brilliant! I did accidently enter twice, but according to the T&Cs, only one entry per person will be accepted! This means my first one was probably successful! I can't wait for that list to go up, and I also can't wait until March 16th onwards!

  • Thanks Ian for putting up the T&C again.

    Now eagerly waiting for March 16th ;-)

  • Hi Ian, I have now had a look at the T&C. I complied completely with them, haven't got no notifications turned on, I answered the questions right immediately after the event so I was in the first 1000.  I really can't see why I didn't get an email for either prize!

  • Thanks for the updates :-)

    Any news on the "signed stuff"?

  • JamesE, I'm in the same boat...

    I will re-iterate once more... I do not believe that a) Microsoft did a fair competition, or b) Microsoft followed their T&Cs to the letter.

    There is no explanation to why people who have entered the competition between 6-7PM of the Launch day did not get their emails, while people who competed 3 hours later did.

    There was no mistake in the answers, there was no mistake with the Microsoft notification settings, there was no email treated as spam, etc...

    False advertising is all I can claim for now.

  • Hi Ian, been a while since the launch....I was wondering if (as in my case) Vista will come in a "Retail Box" the sort that you would buy in a shop, or as some people have said It'll just be an cardboard folder type package like say Visual Studio package that we received at the launch ?

    I hope its a retail box with say a "Special Edition" on it, as it was a rather special day for Vista.

    I'll be glad to get to work with it....

    cheer's Ian and thanks for the help.....


  • It's a specially branded "launch edition", with the "new day" branding. So it will be quite different to the retail box.

    Whether it's better or worse is probalby a subjective thing :-)

  • If you have a photo of the prize, I'm sure we'd all love to see it!?

  • Actually none of us has actually seen it yet (apart from in mock-up form) so I'm not much more informed than you re what it will really look like...

  • so will it be like this then?


    just with launch competiton winner branding?

  • haha i can't believe someone actually filmed themselves opening an envelope with a free vista :D

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