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List of winners, and update on the Office delivery date (UK Developer Launch)

List of winners, and update on the Office delivery date (UK Developer Launch)

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Some day I'll be able to stop blogging about this competition and get back to blogging about other things, that is assuming I have anyone left who reads my blog besides you competition folks. In the interim....

Two pieces of news:

1) After much thought we have decided to make the winner list available to people who request it rather than posting it on a public website. So if you want a list of winners please email volaunch@microsoft.com with a subject of "Winner list" and be specific about which you want (Office winners, Vista winners, or both).

2) We've had some bad news on the Office prize shipping date: It appears that there have been some supply problems which means we will not get the Microsoft Office prizes until 30 March at the earliest. The Windows Vista prizes are still on track to arrive with us at the end of this week so we're still hoping to ship these out very soon. As always I'll keep you updated as I hear more.

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  • Let me see if i understand this right...

    You wont send me an email telling me if i won a competition I chose to enter, because of privacy concerns. But you will send a complete list of all the winners( including my name) to anyone that wants to see it.

    That kind of bizare logic makes my head hurt!

    Never mind thou - thanks for the competition and the free vista.

  • JamesR:

    Thats a good point - doesn't bother me though..

  • If I was being really picky I'd change your first sentence to "You won't send me an email telling me if I won a competition because I have chosen not to receive email from Microsoft".

    But I'll resist the temptation and won't say anything :-)

  • 30th March!! That's my birthday!?!.

    All I need to do now is send a mail to find out if I'm a winner as..."I have chosen not to receive email from Microsoft"


    Thanks for the update Ian.

  • That news that the prize copies of office have been delayed by a month is a shame as I was hopping to use the copy of office 07 that I won before the beta ran out , which it has. I wanted to ask if you had any indication of when in april we should get copies of office?


  • Since 30th March is getting close to the 60 days, any idea what the fallback solution will be if an substitute product is to be provided?

  • What about copies for people who attended the event in person.  Am I not to get my copy of Office until after the end of March?

    That means my B2TR version will expire and I'll have to go back to using 2003, until it comes.


  • Do we include "(Office winners, Vista winners, or both)." in the subject as well?

  • Matt: Yes it's the same for people who attended the event unfortunately.

    Wael: Just put "Winner List" in the subject and specify that you want both in the body.

  • Matt: I should have added that you can download a trial of the full product from http://ukireland.trymicrosoftoffice.com/, which should see you over until the prize arrives.

  • Is the winner list automated? Because I sent an email this morning and it hasn't been replied to yet. Or are you using real people in which case I'm happy to wait before sending another request

  • once we sent the email do you know how long it will take to get the list back?

  • Yes it's using "real" people - and not me I'm pleased to say! I'll ask them when they're likely to start replying.

  • Just got the email. I won a copy of Vista, but not a copy of Office.


  • I have just recieved the email notifying me that i have won both versions :) Thanks for listening to everyone and thanks for all the work that you guys have put into all of this.

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