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Office prizes sent (UK developer launch)

Office prizes sent (UK developer launch)

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This may be passé now but just to make sure everyone is aware: the Office prizes did indeed get sent out yesterday. I wanted to get a confirmation from the distribution centre before posting this entry and I now have that, so we’re nearing the end of this story! Hooray I hear you all say.

One point of clarification: I’ve had an email from someone who said they were expecting the Professional version of Office and were disturbed because the packaging only says “Office”. Worry not, this is definitely the professional version.

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  • I received my copy today and im very excited!!

    However, I'm not complaining, but i thought that it was the Ultimate Version of Office.

  • Just got my copy of Office this morning, just would like to say thanks for all your effort that you have put into this. Thanks again.

  • Hi Ian. I received my Office 2007 Pro this morning. I was wondering, is this the full retail licence? The packaging is different to the shop version and before I open/install it I'd just like to be sure what the licence is for this version. Thanks in advance.

  • Steve - this is a "not for resale" licence, but the product is a full version of Office Professional 2007. So you are not permitted to sell it to anyone, other than that it's the full version and you're fully licensed to use it.

  • IT ARRIVED! w00t!

    -- Max

  • Well my copy of Office has arrived in the post today.

    I really can't wait till I get home tonight so I can get on with the install.

    Thanks Ian and everyone else involved with the launch.


  • Yay! got my copy also and can not wait to install as the trial ran out 2 weeks ago :(

    Just a point however - it does not say "Not for resale" on it anywhere.

  • My copy of Office arrived this morning. Thanks again to Microsoft for organising both competitions but especially thanks to Ian. Without you I would've given up all hope of receiving my prizes - thanks for single-handedly keeping us informed throughout, hope you enjoy Vegas!

  • Received my copy this morning, very pleased with it.

    Many Thanks,


  • Steve - it's printed on the disc itself.

    Andyman - thanks, but Vegas isn't a holiday. No really. It's work, work, work. Really.

  • My copy of Office arrived today also, very pleased and thanks to all.

    I did note that the disc has "Disc 1" printed on it which implies that there may be a 2nd or 3rd disc. Can you confirm that there is only 1 disc in the package?

    Ian, you must have patience of a saint with all you've had to put up with on here in the last month or two.

    Once again very pleased and many thanks :)

  • Hi FraserGJ - that's a good point re "disc 1" but I wouldn't read too much into it. It probably should read "Disc 1 of 1". There is nothing else on the way! Everything should be on the single disc.

  • RE: Not For Resale,

    See it bold and proud now ive opened the box for install :) You can not miss it!

  • Hi Ian,

    Re: Disc 1

    Thanks for clearing that up. I always find it strange to see "Disc 1" on single disc sets etc, very strange.

    I fired up the disc though and everything looks good. I did see some dodgy looking text in the setup title bar while setup is loading though - "2007 Microsoft Office system"?

    In any case, cheers and thanks again :)

  • Received my office this morning.  Thanks ian for all your help.  

    I was wondering if there is anyone out there who would like to swap there vista (unopened) for my office (unopened).

    email me to markbrown83@ecosse.net



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