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In Vegas

In Vegas

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Well I'm here in sunny and very hot - 38 degrees C -  Las Vegas, getting ready to enjoy the first day of Mix 07. The journey was kind of fun (24 hours after a series of delays and the closure of Phoenix airport due to a dust storm) but on the positive side I met a couple of smart guys who were also travelling to Mix and they told me about a great extension to IE7 they have written. How they came to be attending Mix is a nice story in its own right.

Eugen van dem Bulke and Jean-Fabrice Rabaute are two French guys who read a comment on a blog post about the need for a simple inline search for IE7 along the same lines as Firefox's. So they decided to take up the challenge and write a add-on for IE7 which does that. And unbeknown to them in doing so they won a prize of a trip to Vegas and free entry to Mix.

Anyhow it was great to meet them and to see their addon - check it out at www.ieforge.com.

So how about Mix? Looks like there will be some great demos and announcements, I'll do what I can to keep you all up to date (internet connection permitting). In the meantime I have a small window of opportunity to do some shopping...

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  • Have fun :) ... and stay away from them slots!

  • It's always nice to meet other people like that. Have a good time in Vegas - at this £ to $ exchange rate, you're laughing!

  • It looks like a lot of my group are out in Las Vegas for Mix to hear about all the wonderful things that

  • Hope you are having Fun..Ian..?


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