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    Can you tell a cat from a dog?

    I like taking a look at what's coming out of the Microsoft Research Labs (MSR) and came across a useful little feature recently that I thought worth sharing. Unless everyone already knows about it and I'm the last one...always a possibility. It's the...
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    Office 2007 Quiz - The Answers

    As promised here are the answers to the Office 2007 quiz I posted last week. As before, bear in mind that the questions and answers were written 12 months ago at the launch of Office 2007. I've skimmed through them to see if any answers may have changed...
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    The Office 2007 Quiz

    So...we've done the Vista quiz , now we've got the Office 2007 questions. Actually I think these were more difficult than the Vista ones, see what you think. BTW same deal applies: these questions were written for the developer launch of Office and Vista...
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    Vista Quiz - The Answers

    Following on from my earlier post re the Vista quiz we ran 12 months ago, here are the answers. A few caveats: As I mentioned previously these questions were devised 12 months ago, and the answers were written as at Jan 2007, so read them with that in...
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    The Vista Quiz

    Those of you who have been reading this blog for a while will remember that just about 1 year ago we were gearing up for the UK developer launch of Vista and Office 2007. It was an interesting time for us who were involved with the event. While there...
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    Angus has been shouting loudly about Eye-Fi - and I have to admit it does look pretty cool. Take a look at his blog post for full details, but essentially this is a small piece of hardware (a card) that can automatically transfer pictures from your digital...
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