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Flight Status from live.com

Flight Status from live.com

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Live.com has a cool feature that allows you to look up your flight status really easily.

If you know your flight just enter “flight status” along with your flight number into the search box, eg if I was meeting someone from British Airways flight BA10 I could enter as follows:


Other search engines (which shall remain nameless at the moment) do something similar but not with this much detail.

Pretty smart.

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  • Thanks for this information. I tried it out to check the flight status of my friend coming here on vacation, and it was unbelievably more accurate than what I've seen out there.

  • Nice feature. Thanks for the info :)

  • Following my previous post that covered how to look up the status of a flight on live.com, here’s a couple

  • In some previous blog posts ( here and here ) I talked about some little-known features of the live.com

  • Very cool.

    Now I don't have to call the Co. to pick up my parents!

    That's awesome

  • What an awesome tool. Thanks for posting!


  • Interesting Stuff, i dunno about it (until now) thats a really good hint with a extremly practical use. Thank you for the good tip i would like to read more about these little gems.

  • That is actually are really cool feature especially on a mobile G3 device in a crowded airport of if you are on the way to pick someone up.

  • The new feature on Microsoft's latest concept "Bing" is even cooler. It gives much more detailed info, and has an awesome tool to help you decide when to purchase tickets.

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  • this is a really cool tool! I am a frequent traveler so i need this..

  • WOW! This is awesome. I didn't know about this handy feature. I have my sister coming from Florida tomorrow. I'm going to put it to the test. Thanks for this cool info.

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  • That's a relief.

    Now I can check while on the way to the airport.

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  • I agree, this will be a real time saver!

  • thankyou this with be a masive time saver for me. I hope you are right and in works!

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