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  • Blog Post: Windows 8: Fixing problem where Internet Explorer always opens on desktop, not in Modern UI

    This is a problem I have seen a couple of times. It works like this: When you’re on your Windows 8 Start Screen and click or tap the Internet Explorer tile or a shortcut to a website, the desktop version of Internet Explorer launches rather than the Modern UI version. This is simple to fix:...
  • Blog Post: Are web-apps the future? App musings with Pulse.me

    Before I start I should be clear that nothing I’m about to say is an official Microsoft comment or Microsoft views. It’s just my musings. I’m taking off my Microsoft hat for the time being. It’s interesting to me to see the rise of apps (do we have to abbreviate them? Why not...
  • Blog Post: Running browser applications in dedicated windows

    Like many people I use my browser all day long, not just for searching but for running applications, whether they’re intranet ones such us our internal finance systems, or external ones such as hotmail, Office Live Workspace, or mindmeister (a mind mapping tool that I’ve been using). When you’re running...
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