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  • Blog Post: Enterprise mashups with WPF and Silverlight

    The Patterns and Practices team have just released a whole load of information on how to build so-called “composite applications” (which I think of as enterprise mashups) using WPF and Silverlight. Download from here .
  • Blog Post: Nice new Silverlight components from Intersoft Solutions

    Take a look at http://sirius2.intersoftpt.com/ , some nice new Silverlight components. It's worth viewing the source code if you're a dev, it's incredibly easy to use this stuff. Looking forward to seeing this being used widely.
  • Blog Post: Silverlight Streaming plug-in for Expression Encoder

    We have just released a plug-in for Expression Encoder that makes it child's play to publish videos to your Silverlight Streaming account. What does this actually mean? The answer depends on what you know: For people who already know what Silverlight Streaming and Expression Encoder are all about...
  • Blog Post: Mix:UK session videos now available

    We recorded most of the sessions at the recent Mix:UK event and have now made them available online for you to view / download. They're available at http://www.microsoft.com/uk/mix07/agenda.aspx , and worth a look. The Scott Guthrie sessions are particularly good, and the Windows Live sessions are some...
  • Blog Post: Halo 3 skin for Tafiti

    You may recall that I recently blogged about the nice interface to Live Search provided by Tafiti. Well the team has just given it a great Halo 3 skin, take a look at www.tafiti.com . 
  • Blog Post: Mix on the BBC

    The BBC has posted a great piece of coverage of the Mix:UK event here: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/technology/4849402.stm . It's a good way to get some insights into the technologies that were talked about at Mix - the programme went out on the World Service. According to their annual report , the World...
  • Blog Post: Last post on Mix

    Now that Mix is behind us I'll focus on other stuff moving forward, but did want to make a few comments about the event and about the technologies we were showing. We are incredibly pleased of course at all of the positive feedback we received about the event, it sounds like people had a good time generally...
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