Make a computer easier and more comfortable to use is possible by taking advantage of the many accessibility features built into Microsoft products.

Windows 7 includes accessibility options and programs that make it easier to see, hear, and use a computer. Magnifier now includes a lens mode and full-screen mode. On-Screen Keyboard can be resized to make it easier to see and includes text prediction. Windows 7 also gives you more ways to interact with your PC by taking advantage of new strides in speech recognition and touch technology.

The Ease of Access Center includes:

  • Quick access to common tools. Start Magnifier, On-Screen Keyboard, Narrator, and High Contrast quickly.
  • Get recommendations to make your computer easier to use. An optional questionnaire provides a personalized list of recommended settings based on answers to a series of questions about eyesight, dexterity, hearing, and more. A custom list of recommended settings is provided so you can choose which options you want to try.
  • Explore all settings by category. Instead of looking for accessibility settings in various places, settings are organized so you can explore how to:
    • Use the computer without a display
    • Make the computer easier to see
    • Use the computer without a mouse or keyboard
    • Make the mouse easier to use
    • Make the keyboard easier to use
    • Use text or visual alternatives for sounds
    • Make it easier to focus on tasks
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