Some might say that the World Wide Web is the best thing that ever happened. We read newspapers on the day they're published, order groceries and know the prices before we check out, and find out what titles are on a CD before we make our selection. But unfortunately, not every web page is optimally designed for use by web surfers with visual impairments. 

Learning About Accessible Web Design

If you are serious about making your web site accessible, the most valuable resource available is the Web Access Initiative (WAI) of the World Wide Web Consortium. There you'll find guidelines for making web pages along with explanations and techniques. The content guidelines are found at

You can also visit to learn more about:

  • the visually impaired user's technology, and how it affects your design
  • important guidelines for improving your web site
  • tips and tricks for web developers
  • how to design accessible web forms
  • how to make your blog accessible
  • and lots more.