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  • Blog Post: IC2010 ALIA Results

    Both the national finalist teams in the Accessibility Local Innovation Award category were tied at 2nd place. Here’s a look at the teams receiving their prizes from Gauri Arora (Lead – Corporate Citizenship , Microsoft India), Shilpi Kapoor (MD, Barrier Break) and Dipendra Manocha (Director- Director...
  • Blog Post: ALIA “Round B” Results

    The two teams that have qualified for the Accessibility Local Innovation Award (ALIA) National Finals are (in alphabetic order): Enable   The Pantheons The teams that won the consolation prizes are (in alphabetic order): ESTICK FOR BLIND AND DEAF Three blind mice Congratulations!
  • Blog Post: ALIA “Round A” results announced

    The "Round A" qualifiers for the Accessibility Local Innovation Award (ALIA) are (in alphabetic order): caller id for blind cygnet Enable ESTICK FOR BLIND AND DEAF M. A. T. E M.A.L.ISH Malwites The Pantheons Think New Three blind mice TOUCHTONEKEYPAD Deadline for ALIA "Round B" is...
  • Blog Post: Accessibility "Round A" deadline extended by 2 days

    Upload your Accessibility Local Innovation Award (ALIA) "Round A" submissions- Deadline is 12th Jan 2010. 09/10/01/imagine-cup-2010-accessibility- local-innovation-award.aspx
  • Blog Post: Web Accessibility for the visually impaired

    Some might say that the World Wide Web is the best thing that ever happened. We read newspapers on the day they're published, order groceries and know the prices before we check out, and find out what titles are on a CD before we make our selection. But unfortunately, not every web page is optimally...
  • Blog Post: Accessibility in Microsoft Products

    Make a computer easier and more comfortable to use is possible by taking advantage of the many accessibility features built into Microsoft products. Windows 7 includes accessibility options and programs that make it easier to see, hear, and use a computer. Magnifier now includes a lens mode and full...
  • Blog Post: Accessibility Examples

    How can technology help Visually Impaired people: Explore the virtual world of the internet?
  • Blog Post: Accessibility Local Innovation Award

    Overview: The objective of the Imagine Cup 2010 - Accessibility Local Innovation Award contest is to design a technology solution that assists people with Vision Difficulties and Impairments . Students from across India are encouraged to think about how technology can help Visually Impaired people: Explore...
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