Overwhelming Response


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Overwhelming Response

Thanks for the overwhelming amount of feedback and discussion.  After work yesterday, I spent some of my time reading through the comments to my post (instead of reading the 9/11 Commission report).  It looks the comments have grown some since I pulled this together last night. 


Here is my basic breakdown of what I am seeing in the response to my post.  I list them in no particular order; most are improvement requests while some are data points.  I have to say my favorite is the comparison of IE to Courtney Love.  I love a good analogy. 

  • Tabbed browsing
  • Better Standards support (improved CSS, Transparent PNG support, XHTML, etc)
  • IEv6x is the Courtney Love browser in a world of Kirsten Dunst browsers
  • Better pop-up blocking
  • People want people to download Mozilla Firefox
  • Release an IE7/down-level release
  • Fix the security problems
  • Better performance
  • Faster update turnaround
  • Integrating browsing into any OS is a bad idea
  • Developer tools are goodness for web devs
  • A Windows Service Pack is not the same size as a Mozilla Firefox or Opera install
  • Did I mention standards support already?
  • I shouldn’t take this personally, people have been waiting for a while to vent on somebody
  • People want to understand the roadmap for IE

Thanks again for all the comments, I also get the general sense that people want more "content".  We are just getting started, so look for more of that coming up.   



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