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A Little More on RSS

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I just wanted to post a quick follow up to Dean’s post about RSS in Longhorn.

My name is Sean Lyndersay, and I’m a senior program manager on the RSS team. After Dean’s announcement, we turned on our RSS Team Blog, and kicked things off with a post about the Simple List Extensions.

The RSS Team Blog will be the place to go for all things related to the RSS platform features in Longhorn. If the post has something to do with IE, then we’ll cross-post as appropriate.

The other great place for feedback is the Longhorn RSS wiki, hosted on Channel 9.

One more thing: During the Gnomedex keynote (and the Channel 9 video), Dean and Amar showed a couple of sample applications which represent some ideas we have about how developers can use the RSS platform capabilities to enable new scenarios. The point I want to make is that these demos do not represent product plans. They were just ideas that the RSS team cooked up to show the value of the platform.

So, for all your IE information, keep an eye on this blog. For more RSS information, keep an eye on the RSS team blog.

- Sean

PS. Dean’s last name is Hachamovitch – seems like a lot of news outlets got this wrong. Dean is accustomed to people getting his last name wrong, but I thought I’d just point it out.

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