Blog Business Summit (aka Shameless plug for Scoble)


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Blog Business Summit (aka Shameless plug for Scoble)

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—IEBlog Editor, 21 August 2012

Robert Scoble and I are going to give a keynote together at the Blog Business Summit on August 19 in San Francisco. Why? We think that RSS is becoming a critical tool for businesses to communicate with customers and we want that to happen even faster.

Robert will talk about how businesses can use RSS to create strong, ongoing connections with their customers. I’ll talk about how the RSS platform in Windows Vista will make tapping into the power of RSS easier, as well as some of the new opportunities that businesses and bloggers can expect.

Because Microsoft is the exclusive Diamond Level sponsor for this event, I’m happy to offer a discount to IE Blog readers. Just register at We’ll also host the Microsoft Blog Business Summit Reception on August 18, with people from our team available to listen to feedback and answer questions about IE and RSS.

- Dean

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